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Update from Bishop LeVoir May 23rd

Please read the yellow box to know the new policies and procedures for Adoration and Mass as we enter into this new phase of gathering together.

Live stream will still be available, please read the blue box to see how you can join us virtually for Mass!

St. Boniface Catholic Church

551 Main St

Stewart, MN 55385



St. Anastasia Catholic Church

460 Lake St SW

Hutchinson, MN 55350



Online Masses

Sunday on Local Channel 10 HCVN - 7:30am

Sunday Live Stream at 10:30am on Facebook and YouTube

Daily Masses - Live Stream on Tuesdays at 7am and Thursdays at 9am

Mass Times


Saturday - 4:30pm at St. Anastasia 

             - 6:30pm at St. Boniface

Sunday - 7:30am at St. Anastasia

           - 10:30am at St. Anastasia

           - 7:30pm at St. Anastasia


St. Anastasia - Saturdays 3-4pm 

St. Boniface - Saturdays 6-6:30pm

We want everyone to be able to safely worship God. Whether you are attending mass in person or online, your safety is important to us!

Resuming Public Masses

UPDATED 6/10/20 - Masks are highly encouraged (read more below)

We have greatly missed everyone gathering together at Mass in person, but are looking forward to worshiping together soon! So much has changed in our world since you have last been here. Anywhere you go in public, things look a little different as there are new rules and policies in place to safely be around others. Church will also look different the next time you are here as we strive to keep everyone healthy.

The plan laid out for us by the Bishops of Minnesota, is for public Masses to resume on Wednesday May 27, with the first weekend Masses on May 30-31. For this to happen, we have been given many stipulations that need to be followed to ensure everyone’s health and safety while attending Mass. In order for St. Anastasia to follow all that is being asked of us, we want to share with you these new policies so we can all work together to gather safely in community with one another. We kindly ask you to respect and adhere to the following, for the safety of yourself and others.

Eucharistic Adoration:

  • Eucharistic Adoration will resume on Tuesday May 26th at 7am.

  • Those 65 and older or immune compromised are encouraged to stay home. Please let your hourly captain know if you will not be covering your hour.

  • If all the chairs are filled when you arrive, please wait outside for a spot to open up.

  • Disinfect your chair upon leaving, and leave the doors to the day chapel open.

  • Adoration Hot Line is now available! Please call 320-484-7126 to check if Adoration hours due to weather or Holidays.

Before you come to Mass:

  • Persons 65 years of age and older, immune compromised or those caring for either, are recommended to stay at home, but ultimately it is your choice to come to mass or not. Mass can be viewed on TV, channel 10 or Mediacom 1073, at 7:30am on Sundays, or Livestream on Facebook and YouTube at 11am on Sundays.

  • Persons attending Mass are highly encouraged to wear a mask (not required). We do ask that you wear a mask while singing. 

  • Use the restroom before coming to mass, as public restrooms are for emergencies only.

  • To maintain social distancing, the church has been marked off to seat a maximum of 1/4 capacity which is approximately 50 households. Once this capacity is met, we can no longer let anyone into the building.

  • We expect we will have to turn away some households during the busier Mass times, and we are sorry that this will happen! Therefore, we encourage you to plan ahead and see when might be a good time for your household to attend Mass.

    • Mass Schedule:

      • Saturday – 4:30 pm

      • Sunday – 7:30 am; 9:15am; 10:30 am; 7:30 pm

      • Monday and Wednesday - 5pm

      • Tuesday and Friday - 7am

      • Thursday - 9am


As you come to Mass:

  • Everyone must enter through the front doors; all other doors will be locked.

  • When entering the church, to maintain social distancing, please stand on an “X” with your household until the “X” in front of you becomes available.

  • Doors will be propped open so no one needs to touch door handles.

  • If a person coming to Mass is showing any symptoms of illness, St. Anastasia reserves the right to ask that person to leave to ensure the health and safety of all.

  • The collection basket will be located just past the fountain, between the main worship space doors. Please feel free to drop your weekly donation in the basket as you enter or leave the church. We thank you for your continued support during this time!

  • To limit households walking past each other, we will be seating starting in the front of the church.  To help with this, an usher will be seating each household in the next available pew.

During Mass:

  • Books have been removed from the pews. Readings and song lyrics will be projected for all to participate. Because everyone is wearing a mask, we believe it is safe to sing during Mass.

  • At the end of Mass, everyone will be seated. Ushers will dismiss households one at a time starting in the back of church.

  • Holy Communion will be offered in the Precious Body as you exit.

  • Father Paul will be in the back of church to distribute the Eucharist. Please only receive on your hands, giving Father Paul an easy way to distribute without contacting others.  Please remove your mask, receive the Eucharist, then exit the church. There should be no lingering in the parking lot to talk with other households. We highly encourage you to say a prayer of thanksgiving in your car afterwards.

Thank you for your help and positivity as we enter into this new phase of attending Mass together. We know that these new policies might be hard as they change what we are used to when attending Mass.  We ask that you help us in every way that you can to safely open the church up for public Mass. It will be a wonderful day to join again as a community in person!

This is the best information that we have today. This information is subject to change moving forward. To get the most up to date information, check back here or give us a call at 320-587-6507.



St. Anastasia Staff

Mass Live Streaming

At St. Anastasia, we want to make sure you feel safe returning to Mass. If you are not ready to return to public Masses, we encourage you to stay home and join with us virtually in online Mass.

You can view the live stream of Masses on our Facebook or YouTube pages with the buttons below. Later in the day, the video from mass will be posted on the website. Follow the "Online Mass Videos" button to view them. 


The bulletin is posted under the "Area News" tab. 

Weekend Sunday Mass is broadcast on Cable Local Channel 10 - HCVN. It shows  Sundays at 7:30am and Wednesdays at 7pm.

Weekend and Daily Masses will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube

on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

St. Anastasia School

Since 1954, St. Anastasia Catholic School has proudly served the Hutchinson community by providing a Catholic education for elementary students.  We specialize in small class sizes, excellent academics, and a family atmosphere.  Our school is adjoined to St. Anastasia Catholic Church and is partially subsidized by the parish.  The Kids Depot daycare, preschool and school-age care programs are housed in the north wing of the school.

“I was very fortunate to be able to attend St. Anastasia growing up. Many of the values that I lean on now I learned from my teachers. I also made lifelong relationships that I am so thankful for today.”

                             -Lindsay Whalen

New Student Enrollment


St. Anastasia Catholic Church

460 Lake Street

Hutchinson, MN 55350


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St. Boniface Catholic Church

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