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Our parish code is: T6HXGR

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Weekly Calendar

Friday, Jan 3

Saturday, Jan 4

Sunday, Jan 5


     Basketball Breakfast

Monday, Jan 6

6:30pm            Grief Share

Tuesday, Jan 7


Wednesday, Jan 8

Catholic Community Faith Night

5:15pm                 Mass

5:45pm                 Meal

6:15pm     Classes for All

7:30pm      Youth Group

8pm                      KCs

Thursday, Jan 9

2pm          Prayer Study

Friday, Jan 10

Saturday, Jan 11

Second Sunday Social

Sunday, Jan 12

Second Sunday Social

9am          Alpha Course

Monday, Jan 13

6:30pm        Grief Share

St. Boniface Catholic Church

551 Main St

Stewart, MN 55385



St. Anastasia Catholic Church

460 Lake St SW

Hutchinson, MN 55350



Weekend Mass Times

Saturday:   3-4pm, Confessions at St. Anastasia

                4:30pm, Mass at St. Anastasia

Sunday:     7:30am, Mass at St. Anastasia

                9:15am, Mass at St. Boniface

                11am, Mass at St. Anastasia

                7:30pm, Mass at St. Anastasia

St. Anastasia School

Since 1954, St. Anastasia Catholic School has proudly served the Hutchinson community by providing a Catholic education for elementary students.  We specialize in small class sizes, excellent academics, and a family atmosphere.  Our school is adjoined to St. Anastasia Catholic Church and is partially subsidized by the parish.  The Kids Depot daycare, preschool and school-age care programs are housed in the north wing of the school.

“I was very fortunate to be able to attend St. Anastasia growing up. Many of the values that I lean on now I learned from my teachers. I also made lifelong relationships that I am so thankful for today.”

                             -Lindsay Whalen



Catholic Community Faith Night
Wednesdays starting September 18th

      Wednesday night schedule

     5:15pm - Mass

     5:45pm - Dinner (Free Will Offering)

     6:15pm - Classes for Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Adults begin

     7:30pm - Worship for Middle and High School

     7:45pm - Night Concludes

This night is meant to be for everyone! All ages can come together, participate in mass, eat together, learn age specific subject matter, and grow in their faith. Please join us on Wednesday nights for community and a faith experience. 

We need your help to make this night possible, please pray about how you can help make this

night possible!

St. Anastasia Catholic Church

460 Lake Street

Hutchinson, MN 55350


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St. Boniface Catholic Church

551 Main St

Stewart, MN 55385