Daily Mass Videos During COVID - 19

Videos will be posted as soon as possible following each mass. If the video is not yet posted, please check back later in the day. Thank you.

Wed March 18th 5:15pm

Please skip ahead to 5 minutes into the video to start a the beginning of Mass

Wednesday March 18th 5:15pm Mass

Thurs March 19th 7am

Fri March 20th 7am

Sunday March 22nd 

4th Sunday in Lent

When you are unable to receive the Eucharist can still participate in it by offering a prayer of “spiritual communion.” It is a way to express your heartfelt desire to be in union with God, while not able to receive him sacramentally at Mass.

Here is a brief prayer that reflects that desire and unites yourself to God in a special way.

O my divine Jesus, how great is my desire to receive your sacred body! Oh, come now into my soul, at least, by a spiritual communion! O Jesus, my divine Savior, save me. O my God, hiding myself with a humble confidence in your dear wounds, I give up my soul into your divine hands. Oh, receive it into the bosom of your mercy. Amen.

Monday March 23rd

Tuesday March 24th

Day of Prayer Monday March 23rd

Feast of the Annunciation

Daily Mass

Rosary and Adoration

Stations of the Cross

Thursday March 26th

Friday March 27th

Stations of the Cross March 27th

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